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Since 1999, Mk3 has been helping people return to everyday life with minimal disruption.

Mk3's revolutionary approach to claim management has seen us deliver services to the Australian insurance industry for over 20 years.

When a customer’s home is damaged, Mk3 know that the loss can be more than structural.


At Mk3, we understand the disruption, the hassle and the worry the customer may experience by an unforeseen event. And we understand that prompt, empathetic, experienced and capable claim management will not only reduce the claim lifecycle but improve the customer's experience.

Our own experience with domestic insurance inspired us to establish Mk3. We could see smarter, faster and simpler ways to deal with home insurance claims. Our mission was, and still is, to do things differently so that they are better. 


It’s why Mk3 goes that extra mile for the customer. Mk3 ensures that the customer understands the entire claim process, and understands their policy coverage entitlements. Mk3 initiates settlement or repair from the first inspection using our capable insurance Partners.


At Mk3, the saying “less is more” rings true. We spend less time on bureaucracy and complicated processes and more time on cost-effective solutions; less time being prescriptive and more time getting things done; less time talking ourselves up and more time talking to the customer and keeping our clients informed.

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