Mk3's Insurance Expertise

Claim Management

At Mk3, your customer’s entire claim is managed from start to finish by a dedicated team.  

Immediate Response

Our team responds immediately to emergency works required to secure the customer's property and protect it from further damage. We will also arrange restoration works, if required, using our skilled Partners.

Customer Care

A team of specialised Claim Managers, Team Leaders and Customer Care Staff ensure our clients and the customers are never left wondering who to communicate with. 

Transparent Assessment

Mk3 Consultants and Assessors are thoroughly trained in policy determination and will always give the customer an honest and transparent assessment. During the inspection, the Consultant or Assessor will spend time with the customer and explain the claim process clearly to them as guided by our client.

Complete Inspections

A comprehensive Summary of Loss of resultant damage is prepared on-site so that all repairs can commence quickly and minimal disruption. 


The Consultant or Assessor will also discuss and inform the customer of any maintenance repairs.

Claims Management

Mk3’s Consultant or Assessor will organise and co-ordinate all the approved repairs to the customer's property by our preferred partners, ensuring the work is finished to the highest of standards.  


Mk3’s innovative approach to claim management sets us apart from our competitors.

Specialised Team

Our in-house Consultants and Assessors have local knowledge and are ready to respond instantly to instructions anywhere in Australia along with the added support of our partnering companies.

Insurance and Remediation Expertise

Mk3’s skilled Consultants and Assessors include qualified industry professionals who specialise in property insurance inspection and remediation. Their depth of knowledge and experience means Mk3 sends the right person for each job the first time.

Unbiased Assessments

Assessments are always independent and impartial, with settlement costs that are realistic and competitive. There are no hidden costs or surprises for our clients or for the customer.

Protecting Assets

Mk3’s streamlined process reduces the life of a claim and protects our clients and their customers from issues that could affect the safety and value of their property in the future.

Timely Reporting​

Mk3 provide accurate reports quickly in a factual and concise format. This assists our clients to make correct decisions regarding policy cover and keep the customer informed.


Our immediate response and efficiencies prevent follow-up work, which stabilises claim costs and minimises disruption, improving the customer's experience.

We safeguard our clients’ brand at all times by giving honest and accurate information to all parties.